Why Kiwis should find French Guiana fascinating

French Guiana is situated in the northeast coast of South America. Its full area is about 32253 square miles. The capital of French Guiana is Cayenne whose population is about 50000 according to the survey of 1999. French Guiana is a very beautiful country that is full of nature beauty and amazing hotels. The people in this country mostly like to speak the French language.

Cayenne, Beautiful Capital of French Guiana

French Guiana has a very beautiful capital of Cayenne about 1200km East Southeast of Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago. Cayenne is very much famous for its amazing and memorable places. It's the one of the best tourist place in all over the world. It has a large number of amazing and very attractive sights.

Residence of Jesuit-built is one of the most attractive places among them. It's a very amazing to watch. Many people come in the city of Cayenne for seeing this beautiful residence. Like many other people, many New Zealanders visit this famous city to see this famous residence.

Canal Laussat is another beautiful place that is located in this beautiful city. This canal is very much old. It was built in the year of 1777. This canal is very much attractive to watch. It is the heritage of the people of French Guiana. Especially a large number of New Zealanders and other foreigners visit this famous and old canal each year.

Montjoly Beach that is located with a few miles from the city is also very much famous for its beauty. Many people come here to enjoy this beautiful place. This place is also very much romantic for the lovers and the marriage couples. You can find a large number of local and foreign visitors in this beach every day. New-Zealanders who really love the beaches visit this famous and beautiful capital of French Guiana.

Amazing Space Centre in Kourou

There is a very famous and huge building of French Space Center in the city of Kourou. This space center is really a glory of the city of Kourou. Many New Zealanders who are interested in Space technology really want to come here to visit this famous and amazing French Space Center. Kourou is also very much famous for the fishing. Many people specially come in this city for just fishing. There is also a very famous and beautiful Aero Club in this city. Due to all these specialties of this city, many New Zealanders and other foreign visitors want to visit this famous city in French Guiana.

Devil's Island

There is another interesting and attractive place for tourists in the city of Iles du Salut. This city is reserved for the holding of political prisoners. Special facilities have given to these political prisoners. These prisoners are hold due to their engagement in illegal activities. This place is specially made for these prisoners so that government can easily keep an eye on these political prisoners. There is also a very famous hotel in this city of Iles du Salut for the political prisoners only. Many New Zealanders want to visit the country of French Guiana to see this amazing and strange place of political prisoners.